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We have a wealth of experience in cryptographic design, gained over more than twenty seven years. Cryptographic algorithms have been developed for a variety of customers worldwide, meeting stringent requirements. These designs include stream ciphers, block ciphers and other specialist algorithms for particular applications. Equally, we can formulate robust specifications for the use of cryptography in particular applications, or provide technical advice on most cryptographic matters.

Complementary to our design skills, we can offer services to evaluate the robustness of cryptographic systems, given full information about the system. It may also be possible to undertake forms of evaluation of a cryptographic system even when a full description is not available.

We can undertake the implementation of many cryptographic systems. Software implementations, or components to be integrated into a larger system, can be written for a variety of platforms. We have our own library of symmetric and asymmetric key cryptographic implementations, avoiding third-party licencing obligations.

Projects involving the cryptanalysis of systems may be undertaken, depending on the particular circumstances. Please contact us to discuss any particular requirement.

Previous consultancy projects include:

  • algorithm evaluation work for the Globalstar project
  • TETRA algorithm evaluation for ETSI, the European Standards Institute and involvement in the ETSI TETRA security working group
  • GSM A3/A8 algorithm design/evaluation projects for Dolphin Telecommunications, Airtel, AT&T and Mobiltel
  • a GSM A5 algorithm evaluation project
  • the design and analysis of two new stream ciphers, a block cipher and a key management system for Thales
  • cryptographic system evaluation work for Visa International
  • projects to advise on the integration UMTS-like cryptographic security and to implement key management using public key cryptography for Inmarsat
  • evaluation of the ZUC algorithm for ETSI LTE
  • cryptographic investigation of WhatsApp
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